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Working for Recovery from Great East Japan Earthquake – Yahoo! JAPAN’s Initiatives Seen from Data

After the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011, Yahoo! JAPAN has undertaken various initiatives, including emergency relief assistance and reconstruction support activities.
This page looks back on some of our efforts made to date with data, including the amount of money and number of people involved in supporting the Tohoku region.
In July 2012, Yahoo! JAPAN opened Yahoo! JAPAN Ishinomaki Recovery Base (currently Yahoo! JAPAN Ishinomaki Base), as a hub for its disaster recovery business. Three or more employees have been stationed to engage in disaster recovery in the Tohoku region.

The figures included in this page are based on the data analyzed and provided by K-three Inc. ©2021 K-three Inc.

Funds raised for Tohoku

Amount of support for Tohoku: 7.27 billion yen breakdown 1.72 billion yen (Yahoo! JAPAN Internet Fund Raising), 1.57 billion yen (Recovery Department Store, Tohoku Yell Market and Yell Market), 1.37 billion yen (Charity Auction), 1.03 billion yen (Fisherman Japan), 895 million yen (Tour de Tohoku), 680 million yen (Yahoo! JAPAN donated to Tohoku), JPY 680 million (amount donated to Tohoku by Yahoo! JAPAN)

※1 In addition to this, a revenue of JPY 3.6 billion was raised from the Reborn-Art Festival, in which Yahoo!JAPAN participated as a board member.
※2 Figures in the graph are rounded to the closest JPY million.
※3 Calculation method of revenue differs by Recovery Department Store, Tohoku Yell Market, and Yell Market due to tools used.
※4 Revenues of charity auctions are extracted from the special feature on Great East Japan Earthquake reconstruction support and the 3.11 Project for Tohoku.
※5 Fisherman Japan is included here as a project primarily established by Yahoo! JAPAN.

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People who supported Tohoku

People who supported Tohoku: 34 million people Breakdown: 31 million (3.11 Search for 3.11: Searching is Support)※1, 1.86 million (Donators to Yahoo! JAPAN Ineternet Fud Raising ), 27,170 (Tour de Tohoku)※2, 27,056 (Other)※3

※1 Cumulative total of searches between 2014 and 2020
※2 Sum of participating riders and volunteers between FY2013 and FY2019
※3 Fisherman Japan-related figures

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Supported organizations in Tohoku/Collaborating organizations

Supported organizations in Tohoku/Collaborating organizations 620 organizations Organizations supports through Yahoo! JAPAN Services (385 organizations)※1 Breakdown: 155 (Yahoo! JAPAN Foundation), 92 (Search for 3.11), 91 (Yahoo! JAPAN Internet Fund Raising), 47 (Carity auction). Collaborating organaizations in Yahoo! JAPAN Services (235 organaizations)※2, 3, 4 Breakdown: 118 (Tour de Tohoku), 69 (Fisherman Japan),  48(Yell Market)

※1 Cumulative total of organizations supported by Yahoo Japan Foundation, Yahoo! JAPAN Internet Fund Raising, Search for 3.11, and charity auctions
※2 Figure for Tour de Tohoku includes the organizer, co-organizer, and cooperating organizations; organizations involved for multiple years/times are counted once only.
※3 Certain individuals are counted as organizations for TRITON Project and TRITON BASE: “fishery workers involved in the fishery worker development programs” (TRITON Project) and “cumulative total of fishery worker residents” (TRITON BASE)
※4 Since the number of Yell Market stores fluctuates from time to time, the number of Tohoku-based stores participating in the Yell Market as of March 3, 2021 is shown here, not the cumulative total over the decade.

Expansion of emergency disaster response

Power outage map

300 million PVs

※30 million PVs (estimated PVs per day) x 10 days (number of days of planned TEPCO power outages after the start of this service)

Electricity forecast

180 million PVs

※10 million PVs (estimated PVs) x 18 days (number of days from the start of this service to the announcement of improved power forecast for TEPCO’s service areas)

Yahoo! JAPAN
Disaster Alert app

20 million users

Social media disaster drills,
All Japan Disaster Prevention Test

4,112,472 users

※All Japan Disaster Prevention Test: Total number of participants of the three tests conducted between 2018 and 2019 on the topics of earthquakes and floods

Disaster Response Alliance

Concluded with
1240 + local
governments Population covered
Over 92%

(As of end of February 2021)


259,428 recipients

※Total number of relief supplies considered as the number of recipients

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Activities in and from Ishinomaki

Involved organizations based in Tohoku


Involved organizations based outside Tohoku


People and organizations associated with Yahoo! JAPAN Ishinomaki projects

Yahoo! JAPAN Ishinomaki Base has established relationships with 8 local companies and NPOs, 1 governmental organization, 2 media companies, and 1 local university in Ishinomaki City. Outside of Ishinomaki, Yahoo! JAPAN Ishinomaki Base has established relationships with four local companies and NPOs, four local governments, and two media companies in the Tohoku region. In addition, there are 14 companies outside of the Tohoku region that have collaborated with Yahoo and 7 companies that have provided individual support. We conducted a survey to determine the percentage of businesses that have been developed/maintained due to Yahoo! JAPAN's presence in Ishinomaki City and those outside of Ishinomaki City in Tohoku. The results were 73% for those in Ishinomaki City and 69% for those outside of Ishinomaki City. We also took a questionnaire on the percentage of respondents who have used services, etc. related to earthquake recovery support, and the results were 77% for Ishinomaki officials and 56% for Tohoku officials outside Ishinomaki City.

Voices of people in and outside Ishinomaki City

Thanks to Yahoo! JAPAN and members who stood by Ishinomaki City, we were able to make our wish come true and were able to deliver “Made in Ishinomaki” products to a lot of people.

As we are passing a milestone, I would like to express my sincere thanks to the people involved in Yahoo! JAPAN Ishinomaki projects. It was very encouraging for us living in the area and across Japan to see that a big company like Yahoo! JAPAN set up a base for recovery in the devastated Ishinomaki, ahead of everyone else and launched a variety of projects. Your work has opened up the potential of the local areas.

Working with Yahoo! JAPAN has brought me a number of things: ideas never thought of in the conventional fishery, visions for the future, and change of awareness. Yahoo! JAPAN has triggered transformation in Ishinomaki.

The very fact that many actions were taken at the time of catastrophe encouraged many people and created a huge impact on society that cannot be measured by numbers.

※Extracted from the remarks received in the questionnaire.

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Involvement of Yahoo! JAPAN employees in Yahoo! JAPAN’s reconstruction support activities

Recognition of 3.11 reconstruction support projects
Interest in reconstruction support projects
Have taken part 36%
Want to take part 84%
Impression of reconstruction support projects
Activities to be proud of 88%
Do you think that Yahoo! JAPAN’s 3.11 reconstruction support projects are something very illustrative of Yahoo! JAPAN?
Something very illustrative of Yahoo! JAPAN 99%
Do you think that Yahoo! JAPAN’s 3.11 reconstruction support projects are important to Yahoo! JAPAN?
Important to Yahoo! JAPAN 97%
Have the reconstruction support projects impacted you personally? (256 responses in total)
Motivated me (or became one reason) to request a transfer to the division involved in such activities 13
Motivated me (or became one reason) to join Yahoo! JAPAN 24

Voices of employees

I was a student living in Tohoku and was just in the middle of a recruitment seminar held by Yahoo! JAPAN in Roppongi, Tokyo when the earthquake struck. I saw the company take swift actions to support reconstruction ahead of other Internet service companies, and as I was luckily offered the job, I decided to join the company.
I am proud to be part of the company that has continually supported the reconstruction since then.

Using my personal time, I helped an antenna shop for Ishinomaki as a volunteer for nine years. The fact that the company I work with is responsibly engaged in reconstruction projects had positive effects on my off-the-job activities, motivating me and sometimes leading to actual deals.

※Extracted from the remarks received in the questionnaire.

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