Yahoo Japan Corporation has reorganized to LY Corporation on October 1, 2023. Please click here to visit the corporate website of LY Corporation.
The information contained in this page is as of September 30, 2023.

Top Message

In the 30-plus years since the world’s first Internet site was launched in 1991, the Internet has become an indispensable part of our lives. It continues to transform our world faster than ever, enabling experiences that were once beyond our imagination: instantly delivering all kinds of information from around the world, facilitating two-way communication across time and distance worldwide, and enabling people to work outside the confines of conventional offices.

I started my own business in Internet services in the 1990s. The Internet is a system that can operate on the principle of leverage, and when I started the business, I was truly excited by its potential of bringing joy to so many people. It was such a powerful experience. I was also convinced that the Internet is a perfect tool for making the world a better place.

To this day, my belief remains unchanged, and I am fully committed to providing good services and building a good company, all for our society.

In order to provide such good services, I believe that we must thoroughly demonstrate the principle of “users first,” and for this, we must promote the well-being of our employees and their families who support the creation of these services.

Yahoo Japan Corporation (“Yahoo! JAPAN”) strives to continue delivering truly good services. The company thrives upon the many members who pursue this mission with determination. It is my job to make it an even more outstanding place, where these members can bring out their abilities to the fullest.

Yahoo! JAPAN has a long history in the IT industry and has also become a huge company. Even so, we continue to uphold our value of “users first,” which remains unchanged ever since our service was launched in 1996. In addition to refining our existing services, we will also create good services that go beyond simple extensions of what we do now, and by continuing to update and facilitate our users’ lives and the society, we aspire to make Japan the most convenient country in the world.

The new Yahoo! JAPAN will focus more than ever on “fun” and “! (amazing)” experiences. We will use the power of information technology to address social issues, provide services that make the Japanese society more convenient, and deliver “! (amazing)” experiences, which we hope you will all look forward to.


Takao Ozawa

President and Representative Director
Yahoo Japan Corporation
Born 1972 in Chiba Prefecture, Japan. Graduated the School of Law, Waseda University.

Ozawa joined CSK Corporation (currently SCSK Corporation) in 1995 and in 1999, founded Bizseek, Inc., which was sold to Rakuten, Inc. in 2001. In 2003, Ozawa joined Rakuten, Inc. as Corporate Officer in charge of auction business, following the merger of Bizseek, Inc., and in 2005, became Director, General Manager of Business Division at Rakuten Baseball, Inc.
After leaving Rakuten in 2006, Ozawa invested in start-up ventures and carried out consulting in private, while serving as a Corporate Adviser to Rakuten between 2009 and 2012.
Ozawa Joined Yahoo Japan Corporation (currently Z Holdings Corporation) in 2012, after selling Crocos, Inc., which he established in 2011, to Yahoo Japan Corporation.
In 2013 Ozawa was appointed Corporate Officer, responsible for Yahoo! JAPAN Shopping and from April 2018, oversaw e-commerce, travel, and financial businesses as EVP, Managing Corporate Officer, President of Commerce Company at Yahoo Japan Corporation.
In June 2019, Ozawa was appointed Director, EVP, Senior Managing Corporate Officer, COO (Chief Operating Officer) at Yahoo Japan Corporation, overseeing all commerce and media businesses.
Ozawa was appointed President and Representative Director, President Corporate Officer, CEO (Chief Executive Officer), Yahoo Japan Corporation in April 2022.

Director, Senior Managing Corporate Officer, CGSO (Chief Group Synergy Officer), E-Commerce CPO, Z Holdings Corporation; Chairman of the Board, Ikyu Corporation; Outside Director, ASKUL Corporation; Director, ZOZO, Inc.; Director, PayPay Corporation; Outside Director, Demae-can Co., Ltd