Yahoo Japan Corporation has reorganized to LY Corporation on October 1, 2023. Please click here to visit the corporate website of LY Corporation.
The information contained in this page is as of September 30, 2023.

Basic Policy on Antisocial Forces

Yahoo Japan Corporation establishes the following Basic Policy on Antisocial Forces. All officers and employees comply with this policy and endeavor to ensure the appropriateness and safety of our businesses.

(1) Organizational response

We clearly stipulate the basis of our response to antisocial forces in our internal regulations, etc., and make organizational responses under the leadership of the management. In addition, we will ensure the safety of the employees who deal with antisocial forces.

(2) Collaborations with external specialist agencies

We endeavor to establish ordinary and effective collaborative relationship with external specialist agencies such as the police, Center for Removal of Criminal Organizations, lawyers, etc.

(3) Legal countermeasures, both civil and criminal

We will refuse to acquiesce to any unreasonable demands from antisocial forces, and will resolutely pursue both civil and criminal legal actions as necessary.

(4) Rejection of all relationships including transactions

We will reject having any relationship with antisocial forces, including all transactions.

(5) Prohibition of backroom deals and provision of funds

We will never engage in backroom deals with antisocial forces or provide funds to antisocial forces.