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Press Release


Transaction Value of Yahoo! JAPAN Shopping and PayPay Mall Increased 1.8 Times Compared to Last Campaign, Reaching a Record-High

Yahoo Japan Corporation (hereinafter “Yahoo! JAPAN”) held "Cho PayPay Matsuri (Super PayPay Festival)" *1 between March 1 and March 28, 2021, a large-scale campaign that offers special deals to shoppers making payments with the smartphone payment, PayPay.

On March 28, 2021, the final day of the campaign, a maximum of 33% was given back as PayPay Bonus to shoppers meeting certain conditions. The total transaction value of Yahoo! JAPAN Shopping and PayPay Mall on this final day, increased about 1.8 times from that of the previous Cho PayPay Matsuri’s final day (November 15, 2020), recording the highest level of transaction value on a single day.

As a preliminary report of the results of this campaign, we hereby inform you of the sales status and product ranking as follows.

* These preliminary results are provisional figures calculated as of March 29, 2021. The figures are based on transaction value.

■Sales status at stores with top transaction value
At home appliance stores such as Kojima PayPay Mall Store, Joshin web, Yamada Denki PayPay Mall Store, cooking appliances and high-priced home appliances for enriching home time during the COVID-19 pandemic were popular, e.g. automatic cookers, dishwashers, LCD TVs and washing machines.

There were also many users who applied for the Furusato Nozei (hometown tax donation) program via Furunavi, a website specializing in hometown tax payment. Beer and rice sold well at LOHACO PayPay Mall Store, and T-shirts and sneakers at ZOZOTOWN PayPay Mall Store.

■TOP10 items sold (overall ranking) ※For March 28, 2021 only
In the top-selling rankings by product, beauty care appliances that can be used at home, such as facial massage device, epilators, and hair dryers, stood out due to the increase in time spent at home. Daily necessities such as supplements and contact lenses also tended to be bought in bulk on this occasion.

 No. 1: Dyson V7 Slim cyclone cordless vacuum cleaner
 No. 2: Facial massage device, ELECTRIC BARI BRUSH
 No. 3: Epilator KE-NON
 No. 4: AirPods Pro
 No. 5: popIn Aladdin 2
 No. 6: FANCL Adult Calorie Limit
 No. 7: Microsoft Surface Pro 7
 No. 8: Contact lenses, Medalist One Day Plus
 No. 10: Shower head, ReFa FINEBUBBLES

*1 About Cho PayPay Matsuri (Super PayPay Festival)
Every year since 2015, Yahoo Japan Corporation has designated November 11 as “Good Shopping Day” with participating companies, and has held large-scale sales and other events in order to bring the joy of shopping to as many customers as possible. From 2020, the shopping event was renamed to Cho PayPay Matsuri (Super PayPay Festival). The large-scale shopping event held in October and November 2020 has further been enriched this time. Multiple campaigns that offer savings both offline and online using the smartphone payment, “PayPay” were held for around one month through the collaborations among Yahoo Japan Corporation, SoftBank Corp., PayPay Corporation, and LINE Corporation, which has newly integrated with Z Holdings Corporation.
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