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Press Release


Response to Posts That Contain Slanderous or Defamatory Content against Individuals

- Yahoo! JAPAN to provide technologies on natural language processing model (AI) using deep learning and to establish a panel, in addition to reinforcing existing measures.

To ensure that its services can be used with a sense of security, Yahoo Japan Corporation (“Yahoo! JAPAN”) will reinforce its measures against posts that contain slanderous or defamatory content against individuals. For example, Yahoo! JAPAN will further utilize its deep-learning-based natural language processing model (AI), which is already introduced in Yahoo! JAPAN News Comment.

Yahoo! JAPAN offers various user-generated services providing a forum that many users can readily use, and enforces measures to improve the integrity of its services ensuring safety and security for its users. Yahoo! JAPAN does not tolerate slanderous or defamatory expressions that hurt others and has long prohibited the posting of slanderous or defamatory content and asks all users to comply with this policy.

In addition, Yahoo! JAPAN has endeavored to deter such postings in advance by informing and educating users and has taken countermeasures against inappropriate postings through patrols by a specialized team and the use of natural language processing models (AI) based on deep learning. Through detection by this natural language processing model (AI) using deep learning, an average of about 20,000 inappropriate postings is deleted in Yahoo! News Comment per day (comments that have little relevance to the article, defamatory posts, etc.) Considering the extremely tragic incident reported in the media recently, Yahoo! JAPAN will continue to reinforce countermeasures to address the issue.

Moving on, Yahoo! JAPAN intends to provide its technologies on natural language processing model (AI) using deep learning to other user-generated platform service operators.

Furthermore, recognizing that there are legal and practical issues that need to be addressed to deal with these problems, Yahoo! JAPAN will establish a panel by the end of June 2020 to discuss how to resolve these issues based on common norms that are in line with the digital era. The panel will invite experts not only from the legal profession but also from a wide range of fields to discuss the issues, and the results will be made public.

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