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The information contained in this page is as of September 30, 2023.

Press Release


Establishment of “YJ Tech Investment Partnership”, an investment fund specializing in big data, AI and cybersecurity, and decision to invest in 2 funds both in and out of Japan

-Through the investments, aim to utilize cutting-edge technologies
in the services provided by Yahoo! JAPAN –

Yahoo Japan Corporation (hereinafter "Yahoo! JAPAN") and its wholly owned subsidiary, YJ Capital Inc. (hereinafter “YJ Capital”) established “YJ Tech Investment Partnership” (hereinafter “YJ Tech”) on May 20, and has decided to make investments in 2 funds both in and out of Japan.
*For details on YJ Tech Investment Partnership please refer to the following:

YJ Tech is an investment fund managing approximately 3.5 billion yen, specializing in investments in fast evolving fields of big data, AI (artificial intelligence) and cybersecurity. It was established with the aim to utilize the most advanced knowledge and technological trends in the services provided by Yahoo! JAPAN, through the investments in startups in U.S., Israel, Japan, etc. which possess cutting-edge technologies.

In establishing YJ Tech, YJ Capital has appointed a Partner in charge of YJ Tech as follows. Moreover, when making investments in startups in the fields of big data, AI and cybersecurity, 3 corporate officers of Yahoo! JAPAN specializing in the technology area, will give insightful advice from a technological perspective.

■YJ Capital, Partner in charge of YJ Tech
Hiroki Taniguchi
Hiroki Taniguchi joined McKinsey & Company after receiving a master’s degree from the School of Engineering, the University of Tokyo. While in McKinsey, he earned his MBA/MOT in University of California, Berkeley. In McKinsey, he was involved in a wide variety of projects, mainly supporting clients in high-tech and manufacturing industries with themes like globalization of Japanese corporations, acquisition/alliance, new business development, R&D strategies, and so forth. After joining Yahoo! JAPAN in January 2013, he has been involved in the acquisition of Ikyu Corporation, and the establishment of BuzzFeed Japan Corporation, a joint venture with Buzzfeed, Inc., etc.
*Hiroki Taniguchi concurrently serves as Director of Corporate Strategy, Corporate Development Division, Corporate Management Group, and as Director of Business Development, Data & Science Solutions Group.

Prior to investing in startups, investments will be made to the following funds managed by 2 venture capitals both in and out of Japan. Through these investments in funds that are strong in the technological areas that YJ Tech focuses in, YJ Tech aims to acquire access to the world’s most advanced knowledge and network, and to the startup community. In addition to the 2 funds mentioned above, Yahoo! JAPAN is also discussing potential investment opportunities with several other funds focusing in big data, AI and cybersecurity.

■Data Tribe <>
Name of fund: The Data Tribe Fund I, LLC,
Address: 8115 Maple Lawn; Suite 100; Columbia, MD
Representative: Bob Ackerman
Outline: DataTribe is a one-of-a-kind “startup studio” formed to create and grow technology startups by leveraging the most advanced technologies forged by government R&D projects in the United States and other select governments. Our startups are focused on cybersecurity, analytics and big data. DataTribe’s business model is unique to the venture capital world, partly because it is an operational company, not a venture firm, and partly because DataTribe itself creates and co-builds each startup.
DataTribe, an innovative new Startup Studio, formed with the bold vision of combining cutting-edge technologies emerging from the government research labs around the DC Beltway with Silicon Valley start-up expertise to build companies focused on Cyber Security, Big Data, and Analytics.

■Keio Innovation Initiative <>
Name of fund: Keio Innovation Initiative 1, LPS
Address: 2-11-15 Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Kotaro Yamagishi, CEO
Outline: The first venture capital established by Keio University. It aims to promote the adoption of the university’s academic research result in the society through investments and nurturing of venture enterprises utilizing the research results of Keio University, mainly in IT, digital health and medical sectors.