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The information contained in this page is as of September 30, 2023.

Press Release


Notice on the Death of the Former President and CEO of Yahoo Japan Corporation, Mr. Masahiro Inoue

We regret to inform you that Mr. Masahiro Inoue, the former President and CEO of Yahoo Japan Corporation, passed away on April 25 (April 26 JST) due to a traffic accident. While thanking everyone for the kindness shown to him during his life, we hereby respectfully inform you of his passing.

Details of the memorial ceremony, etc. are undecided and will be informed as soon as details are decided.

Name:Mr. Masahiro Inoue
Date of birth:February 12, 1957 (Age at death: 60)
Date and time of death:14:30 April 25, 2017 (06:30 April 26 JST)
Place and cause of death:California, U.S.A., traffic accident

Brief personal history of the late Mr. Masahiro Inoue

March 1979Graduated Tokyo University of Science
April 1979Joined SORD Corporation
November 1987Left SORD Corporation
November 1987Joined SoftBank Research Institute
June 1992Left SoftBank Research Institute
June 1992Joined SoftBank Corp.
January 1994Appointed Manager of the President’s Office at SoftBank Corp.
January 1996Established Yahoo Japan Corporation, appointed Director
July 1996Appointed President and CEO, Yahoo Japan Corporation
January 1997Left SoftBank Corp.
June 1998Appointed Director, SoftBank Corp.
June 1999Retired Director, SoftBank Corp.
June 2001Appointed Director, SoftBank Corp.
June 2012Retired President & CEO, Yahoo Japan Corporation
Retired Director, SoftBank Corp.