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Press Release


Yahoo! JAPAN Begins Free Provision of Data Solutions Service for Business Operators to Prefectural Governments to Assist Their COVID-19 Countermeasures

- Aims to analyze the effects of governments’ stay-home requests, and to understand residents’ concerns and needs.

The data solutions service for business operators provided by Yahoo Japan Corporation (hereinafter “Yahoo! JAPAN”) started today to be provided free of charge for a limited period to prefectures and ordinance-designated cities throughout Japan (hereinafter “Target Municipalities”) for use in COVID-19 countermeasures. Today, the service is being provided to Mie Prefecture ahead of all other prefectures in Japan, and is scheduled to be expanded nationwide in the future.

Yahoo! JAPAN’s data solutions support the creation and growth of businesses and resolution of social issues by utilizing the big data obtained from the company’s diverse services. The service is aimed at corporations and local governments, and can be used in corporate marketing and analysis to promote tourism in local governments, as we as in various other areas.

Currently, there are two types of services: DS.INSIGHT, which is a browser-based tool for research and analysis of big data; and DS.ANALYSIS, which provides analysis results on big data not provided by DS.INSIGHT, and consulting services to support utilization, according to customer needs. DS.INSIGHT will be provided free of charge this time, and the period of the free provision is planned to be until March 31, 2021.

Please note that all data provided by this service is statistical data, and no personally identifiable information will be provided.

Target Municipalities are expected to use the service, for example, to discover residents' concerns and needs based on the latest search trends of residents, or to measure the effectiveness of the municipalities’ requests to refrain from going out based on the data on the flow of people in the area, and to reflect the results in their public relations.

Yahoo! JAPAN will continue to use the power of IT and big data to promote a variety of initiatives that will be useful in addressing the COVID-19 infections.

Announcement for Target Municipalities (Japanese only)

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