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Press Release


Tour de Tohoku 2021 to be Held on September 19, 2021

Yahoo Japan Corporation
Kahoku Shimpo Publishing Co.

- A variety of infection control measures to be taken to ensure the safety of everyone involved in the event, including riders, volunteers, staff, and local citizens (Japanese only)

Yahoo Japan Corporation and Kahoku Shimpo Publishing Co. plan to hold Tour de Tohoku 2021, a bicycle event aimed at supporting the restoration efforts and bequeathing the memories of the Great East Japan Earthquake, on Sunday, September 19, 2021. This year, which marks the 10th anniversary of the earthquake, the event will be held on a reduced scale due to countermeasures against the novel coronavirus infections (hereinafter “COVID-19”), with two courses and approximately 1,300 participants for the safety concerns over the novel coronavirus (hereinafter “COVID-19”). (2019 event: six courses and 3,973 participants)

The decision to hold the event will be made in consultation with the co-hosting local governments while monitoring the status of COVID-19, and will be announced on the official website and social media as soon as possible.

Tour de Tohoku, which had been held annually since 2013, was cancelled last year in light of the outbreak of COVID-19. To mark the 10th year since the Great East Japan Earthquake, the eighth tour, “Tour de Tohoku 2021,” is scheduled to be held with only two courses, the Kitakami Course (100km) and the Onagawa-Ogatsu Course (65 km), both of which start and finish in Ishinomaki City, due to measures against COVID-19.

The starting and finishing venue will also be changed from Ishinomaki Senshu University, which had been the main venue since the first event, to Seihoku Park Ishinomaki (Ishinomaki City Sports Park), located near Ishinomaki Senshu University. In order to prevent COVID-19 infections, full measures will be taken at the venue to avoid closed spaces, crowdedness, and close contact, and there will be no side events planned this year. In addition, for the purpose of keep track of contact information in case there are any cases of COVID-19, admission to the venue will be restricted to the participating riders only.
*There will be some food and drink booths available only to the riders when they reach the goal.
*Aid stations (rest areas) will be available.

<About the Catchphrase>
The catchphrase, "Cheering and Being Cheered" was born from an episode in the Tour de Tohoku where riders who participated in the race to cheer up the disaster-stricken areas were cheered instead by local people from the roadside. However, this time, due to the measures against COVID-19, spectators will be asked to refrain from cheering loudly. The catchphrase for this year's event will be "Cheering and Being Cheered - With a Smile Instead of Cheering," with the hope that the event will be enlivened with the local people.

"Tour de Tohoku" will continue to be an event that aims to convey the current situation of the disaster-stricken areas and the road to recovery through bicycles, and to make people feel the appeal of Tohoku even more.

<Outline of Tour de Tohoku 2021>
■Date: Sunday, September 19, 2021
■Main venue: Seihoku Park Ishinomaki (Ishinomaki City Sports Park)
■Participation: Chosen by lottery
■Entry schedule and courses:
Entry scheduled to start in late April; Kitakami Course from Ishinomaki (100㎞) and Onagawa-Ogatsu Course from Ishinomaki (65km)
*Details will be announced on the event’s official website and social media when decided.
Measures to Prevent COVID-19 Infections (Japanese only)

<Objective of Tour de Tohoku>
To support the restoration efforts and bequeath the memories of the Great East Japan Earthquake

- Official Website
Tour de Tohoku Official Website (Partially in English)

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