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Yahoo! JAPAN Kids Starts Providing Japan’s First-of-the-Kind Image Search Function for Children

- Safe and secure image search with filtering to prevent inappropriate information from being displayed to children; available for research and learning at elementary schools

Yahoo! JAPAN Kids Image Search (Japanese only)

Yahoo! JAPAN Kids, a portal site operated for children by Yahoo Japan Corporation (“Yahoo! JAPAN”), has today begun providing an image search function that is filtered to block the display of inappropriate information for children. This is the first portal site for children in Japan to provide a safe and secure image search function for children.

With ICT education being actively introduced in the elementary school these days, children are increasingly using computers to search for images as part of their “research learning.” On the other hand, until now, there were no filtered image search services for children, so children were unintentionally exposed to undesirable images, which could interfere with their healthy mental development.

In the past, Yahoo! JAPAN Kids has introduced a system to prevent inappropriate pages for children from being displayed by filtering the search results in advance. With the new image search function, Yahoo! JAPAN Kids has further strengthened the filtering to ensure that visual information does not adversely affect the healthy development of the body and mind of children. By checking for the presence of information that may be inappropriate for children, it has created an environment that is safer for children’s use*1.

Yahoo! JAPAN launched Yahoo! JAPAN Kids in 1997. For more than twenty years, in cooperation with relevant ministries and agencies as well as external organizations*2, Yahoo! JAPAN Kids has promoted the development of various services and initiatives such as search, illustrated encyclopedias, and learning so that children can use the Internet safely. Today, Yahoo! JAPAN Kids is used in the classrooms of around 70% of elementary schools across Japan.

Going forward, Yahoo! JAPAN Kids will continue to play its part in greatly expanding the future possibilities of children by providing them with a safe and secure Internet environment.

*1 Yahoo! JAPAN Kids Search – Suitable Search Service for Children (Japanese only)
*2 Study Group on the Children’s Use of the Interntet (external site) (Japanese only)

Examples of Image Search at Yahoo! JAPAN Kids

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