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Press Release


"YAHUOKU!" to Collaborate with Major Used-Car Auction Locations in Japan
Quality Evaluated Used-Cars will be Exhibited in "YAHUOKU!"

~"Reuse Revolution" to the Used-Car Distribution Leveraging the Strengths of the Real World and the Internet~

"YAHUOKU!", the largest Internet auction site in Japan operated by Yahoo! JAPAN, in collaboration with Lion Network Inc. (hereinafter, "Lion Network"), Japan Automobile Auction Inc. (hereinafter, "JAA") and HAA Kobe Inc. (hereinafter, "HAA Kobe") will launch a new measure whereby part of the cars dealt in the real auction locations operated by JAA and HAA Kobe will be exhibited in "YAHUOKU!" from February 19. Lion Network deals with the "YAHUOKU!" related business of GLION Group, a group that operates a new/used-car sales business across Japan. JAA and HAA Kobe, also part of the above-mentioned group, operate leading used-car auction locations (*1) in Japan.

Through this collaboration, thousands of used-cars from real auction locations that were previously only bought by member wholesalers, will be exhibited in "YAHUOKU!" through Lion Network. Individual customers, that constitute the majority of "YAHUOKU!" users, will also be able to bid and buy these used-cars easily, and "YAHUOKU!" will be able to provide more choices to the users. Each auction will start with a price that is based on the transaction price in the real auction locations, so users will have the possibility of successfully bidding at a price more reasonable than the ordinary price. Furthermore, the participating operators of the real auction locations will have larger selling opportunities as a result of the collaboration with "YAHUOKU", and further revitalization of the market can be expected.

"YAHUOKU!" has dealt with used-car auctions from the inception of its service in 1999, and currently the number of successful bids in this category amounts to approximately 120,000 cars per year and the transaction value has grown to tens of billions of yen. However, although Internet auction can be viewed and participated easily from all over Japan, there were several challenges to be solved. For example, the condition of the car was unclear because of the difficulty to check the real car, procedures such as title changes and transportation had to be done by the successful bidder, etc. "YAHUOKU!" saw these as possible inhibiting factors for the purchase of used-cars through Internet auction, and has decided to launch on a new business with partners for the further expansion of used-car category.

All the cars exhibited through this collaboration will have a Confirmation of Quality Evaluation based on an objective quality evaluation by the auction location so the users will be able to check the true condition of the car before bidding. Moreover, Lion Network will collectively deal with procedures such as title change and transportation, so the successful bidders will be able to purchase used-cars without going through a painstaking process. We will create an attractive sales platform both for the sellers and buyers leveraging the strengths of the real world and the Internet--namely, wide selection of cars and credibility provided by the real auction locations; high-traffic, and high-quality services, all the way until the car is delivered, provided by the Internet site.

"YAHUOKU!" will promote the development of an environment where users can buy used-cars more easily and safely than before, and will aspire to revitalize the used-car distribution in order to bring about a "Reuse Revolution" also to this field.

[Details of Support System for Used Car Purchase Available As a Result of This Collaboration]

- Preliminary estimates
Preliminary estimates can be made on miscellaneous expenses (e.g. transportation costs) other than the car price.

- Quality evaluation
On the product detail page of "YAHUOKU!", the Confirmation of Quality Evaluation based on an objective quality evaluation by the auction location will be displayed. Users will be able to check the true driving mileage and condition of the car before bidding.

- Loans
Auto loans provided by APLUS Co., Ltd. is available for purchases on used-cars exhibited through this collaboration.

- Guarantee
A 3 months guarantee will be provided to used-cars exhibited through this collaboration. (Some used-cars may be excluded.)

- Transfer of title, transportation
This will be done collectively by Lion Network, so the successful bidder can acquire the used-car without going through a painstaking process.

*1: A wholesale market where only operators of used-car sales can participate.