Top Message

As the President and Representative Director of Yahoo Japan Corporation ( "Yahoo! JAPAN" ), I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the users of Yahoo! JAPAN and to all those who have supported us.

Solving the Problems of People and Society Leveraging the Power of Information Technology

Since the inception of its service in 1996, Yahoo! JAPAN has relentlessly carried out its mission of "solving the problems of people and society leveraging the power of information technology" , and has largely grown in tandem with the expeditious proliferation of the Internet and smartphones.

The Internet will continue to evolve at a dazzling speed – an evolution so revolutionary that nobody will be able to foresee its goal. Yet, it holds the potential of shaping a new future.
I am a great fan of the Internet and a true believer of its possibilities. Together with our employees who share my belief, we will unravel the possibilities of the Internet and create the future.

Unleashing the Power of Data

Yahoo! JAPAN provides more than 100 services and has by far the largest user base in Japan.
By employing the massive volume and diverse range of multi-big data we have accumulated, we are working on providing easy-to-use services tailored to each and every one of our users.

Moving on, our multi-big data will not only be utilized for Yahoo! JAPAN services, but in conjunction with the industry, government and academia, to solve a variety of social issues in Japan and to update people's lives and society.

President and Representative Director, Yahoo Japan Corporation

Kentaro Kawabe was born in 1974 in Tokyo, and graduated from Aoyama Gakuin University, Faculty of Law. While still at University he established a venture company in 1995.

He joined Yahoo Japan Corporation in 2000 as a result of a merger of a company he established in 1999. He was appointed as a producer of "Yahoo! Mobile" , founded "Yahoo! Politics for All (Minnano-Seiji)" and was responsible for "Yahoo! News" . He was appointed President and Representative Director of GYAO Corporation in 2009. In April 2012, he was appointed Senior Executive Vice President, and has held his current post since June 2018.