Company Info

Corporate History

Jan. 1996
Established Yahoo Japan Corporation to provide information search services on the Internet
Apr. 1996
Started providing information search service (service name: Yahoo! JAPAN) in Japanese
Jan. 1997
Awarded Nikkei Product and Service Excellence Prize '96 (Nikkei Industrial Daily)
Nov. 1997
Listed on the JASDAQ market
Jul. 1998
Started community services including personalize services such as My Yahoo!, Yahoo! Message Boards, Yahoo! Game and Yahoo! Pager
Jul. 1999
Started advertising for Yahoo! Japan Visa Card in tie-up with Sumitomo Mitsui Card Company, Limited
Sept. 1999
Started online shopping service Yahoo! Shopping and online auction service Yahoo! Auctions
Mar. 2000
Merged with Geocities Japan Corporation and Japan k.k.
Apr. 2000
Established Tavigator, Inc., an e-commerce company handling tour package products on the Internet, through a joint venture with JTB Corp. and Softbank E-commerce Corp. (Currently Softbank EC Holdings Corp.)
Jun. 2000
Started Yahoo! Mobile service for i-mode mobile phones
Jul. 2000
Topped 100 million daily page views
Aug. 2000
Introduced Demographic Targeting ads. This product enables advertisers to show their banners to targeted users by gender and age groups, occupation, and interests.
Sept. 2000
Merged with P.I.M., Inc.
Sept. 2000
Introduced escrow service for Yahoo! Auctions
Feb. 2001
Delivered animated ads in the Internet drama "Candy-O"
Mar. 2001
Opened Yahoo! Cafe in Aoyama, Tokyo, where users can experience the speed of broadband connections
May. 2001
Introduced Yahoo! Auctions personal identification system
Jun. 2001
Announced the start of integrated broadband-related service Yahoo! BB
Aug. 2001
Broke 200 million daily page views
Sept. 2001
Started commercial service of Yahoo! BB
Sept. 2001
Made eGroups KK a subsidiary
Dec. 2001
Made e-Shopping! Books CORP. (currently Seven and Y Corp.) a subsidiary
Feb. 2002
Made BridalConcierge Corp. a subsidiary
Feb. 2002
Started marketing Yahoo! Billboard ads to acquire National Clients
Mar. 2002
Introduced Yahoo! Wallet service that secures the safety management of user information when charging pay service and content
Apr. 2002
Introduced listing fee for Yahoo! Auctions
Apr. 2002
Started the official service of BB Phone, a broadband phone service
May. 2002
Topped 300 million daily page views
May. 2002
Introduced transaction fee for Yahoo! Auctions
Aug. 2002
Established UniCept, Inc a subsidiary
Aug. 2002
Took stake in Netrust, Ltd, a subsidiary
Oct. 2002
Established INTAGE Interactive Inc.
Nov. 2002
Started a paid search service "Sponsor Site"
Oct. 2003
Listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
Feb. 2004
Established Indival, Inc.
Aug. 2004
Acquired Information Securities Management Systems (ISMS) certification
Oct. 2004
Topped 1 billion daily page views
Nov. 2004
Made Firstserver, Inc. a subsidiary
Jan. 2005
Takeover of ALPS MAPPING K.K. business
Jan. 2005
Business tie-up with CREO Co., Ltd. and acquisition of shares from third party allotment
Jan. 2005
Basic agreement concluded with Aozora Bank, Ltd. for Internet banking business
Feb. 2005
Announced business tie-up with ValueCommerce Co., Ltd. and acquisition of shares through a tender offer
Mar. 2005
Made CURIOCITY CORP. a subsidiary
Oct. 2005
Made INFO PLANT Co., Ltd. a subsidiary
Feb. 2006
Made Seven and Y Corp. an equity method affiliate
Feb. 2006
Agreement to dissolve Internet banking business contract with Aozora Bank, Ltd.
Mar. 2006
Agreement concluded with SOFTBANK CORP. for mobile communications business
Mar. 2006
Made NewsWatch, Inc. a subsidiary
Mar. 2006
Agreement concluded with SMBC Group for Internet financial services business
Apr. 2006
Invested in mobile communications business
Jun. 2006
Announced business and capital alliance with SMBC Group
Sept. 2006
Started Yahoo! NetBanking service in tie-up with The Japan Net Bank, Limited.
Oct. 2006
Started Yahoo! Keitai, a mobile portal service, for SOFTBANK mobile terminals
Feb. 2007
Made a multiple listing of the Company's shares on JASDAQ as well as the Tokyo Stock Exchange
Feb. 2007
Made Interscope Inc. a subsidiary
Apr. 2007
Established Yahoo! JAPAN Research
Apr. 2007
Concluded a memorandum of understanding of Acquisition of Shares in Overture K.K. (Conversion to Subsidiary)
Aug. 2007
Made Overture K.K. a subsidiary
Dec. 2007
Started discussion with eBay Inc. toward a business alliance
Apr. 2008
Merged with ALPS MAPPING K.K.
Apr. 2008
Merged with
Feb. 2009
Made SOFTBANK IDC Corp. and SOFTBANK IDC Solution Corp. subsidiaries
Mar. 2009
Merged with SOFTBANK IDC Solutions Corp.
Apr. 2009
Made GyaO CORPORATION a subsidiary
Oct. 2009
Merged with Overture K.K.
Jun. 2010
Launched Yahoo! Chinamall and Tao JAPAN under the business tie-up with Alibaba Group's Taobao
Aug. 2010
Made Cirius Technologies, Inc. a subsidiary
Aug. 2012
Established YJ Capital Inc.
Aug. 2012
Made Crocos, Inc. a subsidiary
Sept. 2012
Made Community Factory Inc. a subsidiary
Oct. 2012
Made ValueCommerce Co., Ltd. a subsidiary
Dec. 2012
Made Carview Corporation a subsidiary
Jan. 2013
Made CyberAgent FX, Inc. a subsidiary
Jul. 2013
As a result of the operational merger of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and Osaka Securities Exchange, the shares of Yahoo Japan Corporation is listed only on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Aug. 2013
Made Ocenyc Inc. a subsidiary
Jan. 2014
Established Qubital Data Science Co., Ltd.
Oct. 2014
Made Synergy Marketing, Inc. a subsidiary
Nov. 2014
Merged with Crocos, Inc.
Dec. 2014
Merged with Ocenyc Inc.
Jan. 2015
Merged with Community Factory Inc.
Jan. 2015
Made YJ Card Corporation a subsidiary
Apr. 2015
Established Noa Dot Co., Ltd., a company that optimizes the distribution of news contents on the Web, through a joint venture with Kyodo News Digital Co., Ltd.
May. 2015
Renewed the smartphone version of Yahoo! JAPAN startup page and Yahoo! JAPAN application for smartphones
Jun. 2015
Converted to a company with an Audit and Supervisory Committee
Jul. 2015
Established Skyscanner Japan K.K., through a joint venture with Skyscanner Ltd.
Aug. 2015
Start of operation of Techbase VietNam Company Limited, a subsidiary in Vietnam, which serves as a development base for Yahoo! JAPAN services
Aug. 2015
Established BuzzFeed Japan Corporation, through a joint venture with BuzzFeed, Inc.
Aug. 2015
Made ASKUL Corporation a subsidiary
Feb. 2016
Made Ikyu Corporation a subsidiary
Apr. 2016
Established Handy Marketing Inc. with Hakuhodo DY Media Partners Incorporated and D.A.Consortium Inc.
May. 2016
Established Passrevo Corporation, through a joint venture with Avex Live Creative Inc.
May. 2016
Launched payment functions, Direct Debit and Yahoo! Money, for Yahoo! Wallet
Sept. 2016
Made eBOOK Initiative Japan Co., Ltd. a subsidiary