Yahoo! Value

Mission of Yahoo! JAPAN

What is the role of Yahoo! JAPAN in the society? We think that Yahoo! JAPAN exists in order to solve the problems of people. We have always solved the problems of people and society using information technology. As a result, a lot of customers have come to use our services.

However, our everyday lives are still full of problems both big and small. We want to solve these problems faster than anybody else, at an explosive speed. And we want to pass on this society to the next generation, in a better and more beautiful state than before.

Yahoo! JAPAN will continue to be a future-oriented "problem-solving engine" that solves the problems of people and society using information technology.

Yahoo! JAPAN Values

All Yahoo! JAPAN

  • We contribute to a broad success of the entire Yahoo! JAPAN Group rather than a small success of ourselves or our divisions.
  • One for All : we strive to create a strong field beyond boundaries between job functions and divisions.
  • We respect one another with interest and belief in altruism.

Individual Strength

  • We sharpen our individual abilities so that we can make the right work decisions.
  • Considering experience as the greatest source of personal growth, we constantly challenge ourselves.
  • Believing in our and our colleagues’ growth together, we give and receive feedback.

Discover Propose Improve

  • We strive to discover and gain insights into issues to resolve at that moment.
  • We sort out discovered issues and propose ways to resolve them.
  • We listen sincerely to opinions different from our own.
  • There is no work that does not improve. We are committed to daily improvements.

Compelling Sense of Ownership

  • We motivate ourselves and work with a definite sense of ownership.
  • Rather than citing reasons why we cannot do something, we strive to find ways to do it.
  • We support efforts initiated by others the best we can.

Absolute Commitment

  • We pursue the quality of outputs to exceed expectations.
  • We exhaustively examine all possibilities and take responsibility for the result.
  • We keep courage to halt when necessary.


Kentaro Kawabe
President and Representative Director, President Corporate Officer, Chief Executive Officer, Yahoo Japan Corporation

Kentaro Kawabe was born in 1974 in Tokyo, and graduated from Aoyama Gakuin University, Faculty of Law. While still at University he established Dennotai Corporation in 1995 and was appointed CEO in 1999. In 1999, he also established PIM Corporation.


He joined Yahoo Japan Corporation in 2000 as a result of a merger of Yahoo Japan Corporation and PIM Corporation, and was appointed as a producer of “Yahoo! Mobile”. In 2006, he founded “Yahoo! Politics for All (Minnano-Seiji)” as a non-profitable project to celebrate Yahoo! JAPAN’s 10th Anniversary. He became responsible for “Yahoo! News” in 2007. He was appointed President and Representative Director of GYAO Corporation in 2009 and restructured its business. In 2012, he was appointed Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Yahoo Japan Corporation. He was appointed Chief Executive Officer in April 2018 and President and Representative Director, President Corporate Officer, Chief Executive Officer in June 2018.