Salaries and Allowances

Coworking space “LODGE” in Tokyo Garden Terrace Kioicho Office

New or recent graduates with no working experience

(Under 30 at application and over 18 when joining the company)

Bachelor and graduates of high school, technical high school, vocational school, junior college

Approx. JPY4,270,000/year

  • JPY221,000/month+JPY43,165/month (as 25 hours over time allowance)+bonus, etc.


Approx. JPY4,680,000/year

  • JPY242,000/month+JPY47,266/month (as 25 hours over time allowance)+bonus, etc.


Approx. JPY5,250,000/year

  • JPY271,000/month+JPY52,930/month (as 25 hours over time allowance)+bonus, etc.

Bonus is paid twice a year and the amount will vary depending on the business performance (equivalent to approximately 5 months' pay).

Overtime allowance for the exceeded time will additionally be paid when monthly overtime exceeds 25 hours.

Engineer Specialist Course


Engineer specialist course is available for those who have the qualifications noted below in the technical fields described in Job Descriptions and who wants to work in that specific field. For details, please check the following.

Over JPY6,500,000/year

  • JPY384,233/month +JPY99,945/month (as 45 hours over time allowance)(includes 45 hours over time allowance) +bonus, etc.

The amount of bonus will vary depending on the business performance.

Overtime allowance for the exceeded time will additionally be paid when monthly overtime exceeds 45 hours.


Experience in starting engineering-related business

Experience of writing technical books

Development experience of an app with 1,000,000+ downloads

Individual participation in Kaggle and a winner of TOP 10% award

Competition programming rate holder

  • Topcoder: 2200+
  • AtCoder: 2600 +
  • codeforces: 2200 +

Experience of publication at top conferences in the following disciplines;

  • Natural language processing/Audio processing/Image processing/Machine learning/Information retrieval/Recommendation context aware/HCI/Distributed computing database/HPC/Virtualization technology/Statistical modeling/Semantic web
  • Experience equivalent to the above


In case of overseas recruitment, we will follow the application guidelines concerning said recruitment. Please check with the designated office indicated in the application guidelines.

Bonus/Pay raise

Bonus: Paid twice a year based on company and personal performance

Pay raise: Determined based on Yahoo Japan Corporation’s original evaluation system. (twice a year).


Commuting expenses (Up to 150,000 yen/month)

Various incentives (profit incentive/KPI reward/super star reward/stock option based on commitment to performance goals/black belt one one-time payment, etc.)

Persons with work experience

Salary and allowances will be decided based on internal rules according to experience and skills.