Initiatives for the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020

Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020 and Yahoo! JAPAN logo

In 2020, for the first time since the emergence of the Internet, the Olympic and Paralympic games will be held in Tokyo.

As an Official Supporter*1, Yahoo Japan Corporation will contribute to the Tokyo 2020 Games through its services and applications related to weather & disaster, maps and transportation information*2, and various initiatives in Yahoo! JAPAN, so that the games can be comfortably enjoyed with greater convenience.

Using 2020 as an opportunity, we will evolve our information services into a lasting legacy, and UPDATE Japan into the most convenient country in the world.

*1 Internet-based information and navigation services

*2 Browser Services: Yahoo! JAPAN Search, Yahoo! JAPAN Weather & Disaster, Yahoo! JAPAN Maps, Yahoo! JAPAN Transit Information, Yahoo! JAPAN Loco
Smartphone Applications: Yahoo! JAPAN Weather, Yahoo! JAPAN Disaster Alert, Yahoo! JAPAN MAP, Yahoo! JAPAN Transit Navigation, Yahoo! JAPAN Car Navigation