Privacy Policy

*This is an English translation of “Chapter 2 Privacy Policy” from the Terms of Service, Part 1 Basic Guidelines.

The governing language of these Terms of Service shall be Japanese. The English translation is made solely for the purposes of reference, and only the Japanese original shall have effect as a contract and the English translation version shall have no effect.

Terms of Service
Part 1 Basic Guidelines
Chapter 2 Privacy Policy

The following are the basic policies for the Company’s handling of information related to privacy (the Privacy Policy).

Note: Please see the Yahoo! JAPAN Privacy Center as to how the Company specifically handles information related to privacy in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

The Privacy Policy applies to any and all information handled by the Company capable of directly or indirectly identifying a customer as an individual (hereinafter, the “Personal Data”). “Personal Information” from among “Personal Data” means “personal information” defined in the Act on the Protection of Personal Information.

  1. Acquisition of Personal Data

    The Company shall acquire Personal Data in the following cases.

    1. In the case that a customer inputs Personal Data by operating a terminal;
    2. In the case that a customer provides Personal Data directly or through media such as documents, etc.;
    3. In the case that Personal Data is automatically sent when the customers use or browse services, products, advertisements or contents (hereinafter, collectively, the “Services” (*));
    4. In addition to the above, in the case that Personal Data is lawfully acquired such as when it is provided from a third party with the customer’s consent.

    * Services are not limited to services, products, advertisements and contents towards individual customers.

  2. Purpose of Use of Personal Data

    The Company shall use Personal Data for the following purposes.

    1. To provide Services suited to customers;
    2. To respond to inquiries made by customers;
    3. To deliver products, request payment of fees, grant points, etc.;
    4. To make notifications to the customers in relation to the Services;
    5. To safely provide the Services (this includes discovering a customer in breach of the Terms of Services and notifying such customer; investigating, detecting, and preventing wrongful acts such as fraud resulting from abuse of Services and unlawful access; and taking measures towards the above);
    6. To improve the Services and to consider new Services;
    7. To investigate and analyze the status of use, etc. of the Services.

    Notwithstanding the above, in the case that the Company is provided Personal Data from a third party, if there are separate provisions regarding the purposes of use of such Personal Data, the Company shall use such Personal Data in accordance with such provisions.

  3. Consent to the Provision of Personal Information

    In addition to cases where permitted by laws and regulations, if the customer’s consent is obtained, the Company shall provide Personal Information to third parties (including third parties in foreign countries; the same hereinafter) such as partners (**); provided, however, that in the following cases, the Company shall provide Personal Information to a third party to a necessary extent upon excluding information capable of directly identifying specific individuals such as name and address.

    1. Where necessary for the provision of the Services;
    2. Where necessary for the enhancement of the quality of the Services;
    3. Where necessary to consider new Services;
    4. In the case of providing Personal Information to research institutions for the purposes of investigation, research or analysis.

    If a customer has entered into an agreement under separate conditions for individual Services, the contract conditions thereof shall apply with precedence.

    ** Partners means the Company’s related companies (***) as well as the Company’s information providers and advertisers, advertisement distribution destinations and other alliance destinations.

    *** Related companies means the “related companies” provided in the Ordinance on Terminology, Forms and Preparation Methods of Financial Statements.

  4. Security

    The Company shall appropriately handle Personal Data in accordance with the Privacy Policy.
    In order to appropriately handle Personal Data, the Company shall organize internal rules and organizations, and ensure the security of an information system processing Personal Data. The Company has obtained an information security management system certification in order to guarantee that these security management measures are appropriately taken.
    In the event that the Company entrusts the handling of Personal Information to a third party, the Company shall entrust the handling of Personal Information to a person satisfying the criteria for the selection of an entrustee determined by the Company, and shall appropriately manage the affairs of the entrustee upon executing an agreement with the entrustee. The Company shall only provide Personal Information to a third party which has taken security management measures satisfying the criteria determined by the Company.

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