Corporate Obligations and ResponsibilitiesESG

Corporate Obligations and ResponsibilitiesESG



Items FY2015 FY2016 FY2017
Revenue (JPY million) 652,327 853,730 897,185
No. of employees* 5,547 5,827 6,330

* Yahoo! JAPAN (non-consolidated)


Items FY2015 FY2016 FY2017
Gross CO2 emissions (t-CO2)*1 121,987 86,551 83,865
Scope 1 na 27 2
Scope 2 na 86,524 83,863
Total energy consumption (GJ) 2,164,526 1,607,567 1,718,057
Water consumption(m3 na na 245,546
Waste (t) na na 89.2
Recycling rate of waste na na 77.3%
Total paper used(t) na na 27.5
Carbon offset - CO2 reduction of approx 93.42 tons CO2 reduction of approx 47.18 tons
Paper recycling - Deforestation reduction equivalent to 967 trees Deforestation reduction equivalent to 429 trees

*CO2 emissions until fiscal 2015 are calculated including those for leased assets (data center of IDC Frontier Inc.) and excluding borrowed rental assets (data center of BroadBand Tower, Inc.). From fiscal 2016, figures for leased assets are excluded, but those for borrowed rental assets are included. When Scope 3 will be calculated in the future, the figures for leased assets are scheduled to be included and reposted.


Items FY2015 FY2016 FY2017
Employees in managerial positions All 1,229 1,305 1,226
Male 1,052 1,116 1,049
Female 177 189 177
% of female employees in managerial positions out of all employees in managerial positions 14.4% 14.5% 14.4%
New Appointments of Female Employees to Managerial Positions 42(16.2%) 64(18.4%) 57(18.2%)
Average length of service (years) All employees 6.6 6.9 6.6
Male 6.5 6.8 6.7
Female 6.9 7.1 6.4
Average age All employees 35.5 35.8 35.9
No. of employees using childcare systems Male 46 52 57
Female 338 495 484
Utilization of childcare leave Male 12.1% 14.6% 17.8%
Female 97.8% 98.5% 99.0%
Utilization of paid leave All employees 81.7% 80.6% 81.9%
Annual total working hours (average per employee) All employees 2,081 hours 2,001 hours 1,926 hours
Annual hours of overtime worked (average per employee) All employees 309 hours 289 hours 228 hours
Dokodemo Office (Office Anywhere)*1 All employees 74.1% 81.4% 87.0%
Problem Solving Leave*2 All employees 267 300 480
Sabbatical System*3 All employees 16 33 42

*1 A system where work may be done wherever it can reasonably be executed, without relying on a specific location, for the purpose of increasing performance.

*2 Employees may take up to three days off per year to participate in activities, such as volunteer work, to assist in addressing social problems.

*3 Employees may take up to three months off to assess and adjust their careers, experiences, and workstyles.


Items FY2017
No. of directors
(As of June 18, 2018)
(inc. those serving on the Audit and Supervisory Committee)
Total 9
Male 7
Female 2
inc. outside director Total 4
Male 2
Female 2
Director remuneration Director not serving on the Audit and Supervisory Committee
(inc. outside director)
No. of directors Total amount of remunerations, etc. 1
JPY 116 million
Director serving on the Audit and Supervisory Committee
(inc. outside director)
No. of directors Total amount of remunerations, etc. 2
JPY 57 million
(JPY 57 million)
(inc. outside director)
No. of directors Total amount of remunerations, etc. 3
JPY 173 million
(JPY 57 million)
No. of reported cases of whistle-blowing 29 cases

* In the Ordinary General Meeting of the Shareholders held on June 25, 2018, Yahoo! JAPAN proposed "Election of Six Directors (Not Serving on the Audit and Supervisory Committee)" and "Election of One Director Serving on the Audit and Supervisory Committee" as matters to be resolved. The proposals were approved as proposed. As a result, the company's gender distribution of directors is: 6 male directors and 3 female directors (% of female directors: 33%)