Corporate Obligations and ResponsibilitiesMeasures to Mitigate Waste and Climate Change

Yahoo Japan Corporation (“Yahoo! JAPAN”) works to reduce environmental impact of business activities and at the same time promote initiatives to address climate change issues in our business.

Climate Change Initiatives

Consideration for the environment is indispensable in business development. In Yahoo! JAPAN, we employ the latest technology as part of our measures against climate change, which include the construction of environmentally friendly next-generation data centers.
In addition, resource reuse is promoted in our reU funding deployed in our YAHUOKU! business. Yahoo! JAPAN will continue to thrive in achieving a sustainable society through our business, and to tackle climate change by reducing the environmental impact derived from our business activities.
Moving forward, we plan to increase the use of clean energy and methods with lower environmental impacts at the new office in Kioicho, Tokyo and our data centers, in addition to pursuing a number of measures such as utilizing local ingredients at company cafeterias and cooking with environmentally friendly ingredients.

Gross CO2 Emissions (t CO2) and Total Energy Consumption (GJ)

Our major facilities (including data centers) and subsidiaries located in the same premises

Fiscal Year Gross CO2 Emissions (t CO2) Total Energy Consumption (GJ)
2012 88,494 1,775,066
2013 108,234 1,906,624
2014 121,763 2,084,080
2015 121,987 2,164,526
Total 440,478 7,930,296

Data Center Initiatives

Our data center business is responsible for running, managing, and maintaining the servers of our corporate clients, along with operation of servers necessary to run our Internet business.
We are working to improve energy efficiency through new capital investment and equipment replacements at our data centers in nine locations across Japan.
In particular, we are incorporating cutting-edge technology in our measures to mitigate climate change, including using ambient air cooling systems at Asian Frontier in Kitakyushu, Fukuoka and Shirakawa Data Center in Shirakawa, Fukushima.
In addition, our data centers in the United States run on 100% renewable (hydroelectric) energy.

Conversion to Paperless Offices

By distributing laptop computers and tablets to our employees, digitizing meeting materials for viewing on computers or with projectors, and promoting business online, we are greatly reducing the volume of printed documents and making the shift to paperless offices.

Promotion of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

At the Kioicho office in Tokyo, we have reduced energy consumption by switching to LED lighting throughout the entire building, and have promoted reusing and recycling by separating garbage into 15 categories. We have also taken on efforts to conserve forest resources while emphasizing confidentiality and recycling through the use of “Mamoru-kun”, a recycling box for used paper. At the company cafeteria, we minimize food loss by using the same ingredients for menus that are changed every day.
We also recycle uninterruptible power supply (UPS) batteries at our data centers.
Furthermore, during our move to our Kioicho office in Tokyo in October 2016, we decreased scrap waste by 995,545 kilograms by selling the industrial waste, appliances, and equipment that were being disposed to processing agents.

Paper Recycling
(April 2016 to March 2017)
Deforestation reduction equivalent to 967 trees
Carbon Offset
(January 2016 to December 2016)
CO2 reduction of approx. 93.42 tons