Corporate Obligations and ResponsibilitiesDiversity

Diversity at Yahoo Japan Corporation(“Yahoo! JAPAN”) represents our core human resource concept of “unleashing the talents and passions” of all employees. We offer equal opportunities to employees with ambitions for growth to gain a wealth of experience and evolve regardless of differences in life stage or personal attributes.

Basic Policy on Diversity

By being a company where diverse human resources are free to perform to the best of their abilities and maximizing organizational effectiveness, we aim to achieve our mission of “solving the problems of the people and society leveraging the power of information technologies.” To realize our mission and management strategies, we have set “unleashing the talents and passions” of all employees as our core human resource concept.
To that end, we treat each and every employee with respect, regardless of differences in experiences, values, life stage, or personal attributes, and are laying the groundwork for a work environment where everyone can be an active participant. Such environments drive innovation of varied services and businesses.
Diversity initiatives cover female employees, childcare, LGBT+ employees, persons with disabilities, globally hired employees, and more. Through employee projects, we work to address the issues involved. We have also instituted a system for sponsorship by corporate officers for each project and are implementing diversity measures with the full commitment of management.

Respect for Basic Human Rights

As part of our efforts to “unleash the talents and passions” of all employees, we forbid the use of forced labor and child labor, prohibit discrimination and harassment, manage working hours, and recognize labor unions and the right to collective bargaining. Initiatives are conducted in respect of human and individual rights, as we work to maintain a safe and secure working environment.

Promoting Participation of Women in the Workplace

We conduct initiatives to ensure that women can work in a secure environment. In accordance with the Act on Promotion of Women’s Participation and Advancement in the Workplace, we provided the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare with our action plan on this issue in March 2016.

While the number of female directors and females in managerial positions was 150 in FY2013, there are 189 female managers as of March 2017.They also play active roles as managers in all units and services. Outside speakers are invited to lead lectures and study session, and career trainings are held to encourage the active participation of diverse human resources. We perform female career support through review meetings and seminars in collaboration with other companies in the IT industry, various lectures by female innovators, career training and workshops sponsored by the Woman Project conducted by female volunteers, and more. In March 2016, recognizing the importance of diverse career-paths and workstyles in encouraging the active participation of women, we held a career seminar, “Women-friendly Workstyle Seminar - Learning to Establish Flexible Working Environments”, to help women learn from role models, both internal and external to the Company. This seminar drew roughly 50 participants.

Career Seminars for Female Employees

Twice a year, we hold roundtable discussions for employees returning to work from maternity or childcare leave. We also have discussion sessions to which employees on childcare leave can attend with their children. Through these events, employees who have returned to work can exchange information with each other and with knowledgeable supervisors and coworkers. More than 200 employees have participated in these events.
To raise awareness companywide, instruction on diverse employee workstyles is also included as part of training for management positions.

Female Executives and Managers (FY2016)

Female Employees in Management Positions (Of Total Employees) 189 (14.5%)
Female Employees with Senior Manager Positions or Higher (Of Total Employees) 47 (10.3%)
Female Executives (Of Total Employees in Each Positions)
  • Directors, corporate officers, and Audit and Supervisory Committee member: 1 (4.0%)
  • Female Unit Mangers (UM): 2 (6.7%)
  • Female Service Managers (SM): 11 (8.9%)
There are overlaps in counting since some management, UM and SM positions are held concurrently.

New Appointments of Female Employees to Managerial Positions (FY 2016)

New Appointments to Managerial Positions 64 (18.4%)

Initiatives to Employ Persons with Disabilities

Our recruitment policy is based on individual ability and ambition, regardless of whether the person has disabilities or not.
A number of employees with disabilities work in services planning, web design, customer support, management, and more. The human resources department manages any employment, work, or life-related concerns these employees may have. Some of our employees with disabilities are also athletes. In 2016, we introduced a system to allow our employees to acquire job experience and skills while competing and fulfilling their work obligations at the same time. This system aligns work hours and volume with the desires of our athletes with disabilities. Moving forward, we will continue building a work environment that enables our employees with disabilities to perform to their full capacity.

The picture of our athletes with disabilities

LGBT+ Initiatives

In addition to holding company seminars to foster understanding of LGBT+ issues, we raise awareness and promote tolerance by exhibiting at external LGBT+ events.
Moving forward, we will continue striving to create a workplace environment and society in which our LGBT+ employees can work comfortably in.