Corporate Obligations and ResponsibilitiesImproving Our Service Quality

Since its founding, Yahoo Japan Corporation (“Yahoo! JAPAN”) has committed itself to increasing customer satisfaction. To that end, we have created a help page that is updated to reflect concerns raised by customers and have implemented a variety of other service initiatives, including e-mail and chat support, fraud checks, and website monitoring. Moving forward, we will work to improve customer support services and systems, with the goal of further increasing customer satisfaction.

Quality Preservation Initiatives

To maintain the high quality of services and increase ease of use, Yahoo! JAPAN has a department to examine service operations, product quality, and knowhow, in addition to proofreading texts to be published.
For instance, we scrutinize our services from a variety of angles to see whether they work properly on smartphones, tablets, and other devices; whether, when actually used, they are easy to operate from users’ perspective; and whether explanations contain appropriate language and are easy to understand in order to create websites and apps that are a pleasure to use.
Furthermore, the Media Policy of Yahoo! JAPAN has been released in order to clarify our basic policy on media services, and continuous efforts are made to maintain service quality.

Basic Policy on Accessibility

We work to guarantee accessibility so that our web contents can be accessed by as many people, and in as many situations as possible.
On June 20, 2013, Yahoo! JAPAN released its Web Accessibility Policy. It was then updated on August 1, 2016 to conform with Japanese Industrial Standards, JIS X 8341-3:2016 (Guidelines for Older Persons and Persons with Disabilities - Information and Communications Equipment, Software, and Services-Part 3: Web Content).

Establishment of Support Systems

We have established contact points for each of our Yahoo! JAPAN services, wherein our expert employees offer support by responding to customer inquiries.
We also provide free support services via phone and e-mail to business owners using Yahoo! Promotional Ads and Yahoo! Shopping. In addition to offering services and tools, we believe that assisting in their use is an important part of our function.

Improvements to Customer Support Services

In order to increase the quality of our customer support, in addition to our existing e-mail support services, we are working to add expanded chat support, which is highly compatible with our Internet services.
In addition, we are putting our energy behind educating and fostering our support staff as part of efforts to further improve services through our own education methods and training curricula.

Dialogues with Stakeholders

We carry out dialogues with stakeholders to facilitate discussions with persons with relevant perspectives in order to continue solving the problems of the society as a company that puts its users first.
On February 19, 2016, we held future-oriented discussions with particular focus on: “desirable image of our CSR efforts”; “disaster and recovery support”, “ICT education and Internet safety and security”, “Internet fund raising”, and “coexistence with local communities”.

The Group Photo of Dialogues with Stakeholders
February 2016 Discussion Held with Experts on the Desirable Image of Our CSR Efforts

System Development to Reflect Customer Needs to Our Services

We have created customer comment forms for all our services and have introduced mechanisms for promptly sharing feedback internally.
A Supporters’ Club was also established to organize our core fans and facilitate interactions between customers and developers. Through these mechanisms, we can quickly recognize customer needs as they arise and develop systems to continuously improve the quality of all Yahoo! JAPAN services.

The Photo of "Supporters’ Club"

Improvements to Our Help Page

A help page link is provided in all our services to assist customers in smoothly addressing their own issues that arise during use of our services. Help page information reflects customer questions and is frequently updated to ensure that the customer can easily locate the answers they need.

Implementation of Screening and Inspections

To ensure that our e-commerce services, such as YAHUOKU! and Yahoo! Shopping, remain safe and secure, we screen stores when they are opened and carry out inspections for prohibited items. We also conduct, based on our guidelines, round-the-clock monitoring of Yahoo! News and Yahoo! Knowledge Search for unauthorized postings or postings containing personal information.

Improvements to Advertisement Screening System

Internet advertising and marketing methods are being increasingly relied upon. In order to ensure that advertisements are useful and reach a wider audience, we are working to increase the reliability of the advertising methods and the advertisements themselves, as well as heighten the value of advertisement media. Yahoo! JAPAN has established standards of acceptability for publishable advertisements in terms of information, appearance, and language. Accordingly, ads are screened and monitored after posting. We also collect feedback on ads through dedicated comment forms and examine and analyze customer reactions and concerns regarding ads on social media. Furthermore, while we distribute and publish ads on outside partner websites, we also apply standards to the content on partner sites and screen accordingly.
In addition, we participate in the activities of Japan Interactive Advertising Association (JIAA), Japan Advertising Review Organization (JARO), and other organizations to determine independent guidelines to be observed within the industry. As part of these efforts, we collect information, including comments and concerns about advertisements published, not only on the Internet, but via all types of media, for use in advertisement screening.

Formulation of Media Policy

We offer media services designed to deliver information to users through a variety of media, including Yahoo! News. Looking forward, in order to gain trust as an information distributer and the understanding of various media which provide us with users and information, we have outlined a basic policy to address these issues in our Media Policy of Yahoo! JAPAN.