Corporate Obligations and Responsibilities

This page provides information on our initiatives to fulfill our obligations and responsibilities as a company, including our basic policy, corporate governance, and compliance.

Yahoo Japan Corporation (“Yahoo! JAPAN”) strives to fulfill its own social responsibilities and aims for a continuous social and environmental development, while maintaining open dialogues with our stakeholders.

Corporate governance is essential to preserving the trust the public has placed in us as a company. To that end, Yahoo! JAPAN is actively working to strengthen corporate governance by such means as establishing internal control systems, enhancing audit functions, and improving business processes.

In order to fortify internal control, we carry out a combination of audit functions for business operations and evaluation functions for internal audits. The Internal Audit Office is in charge of audit functions for assurance services, SOX evaluation for consulting services (advising), and secretariat function for zero-accident activities.

As stipulated in our Charter of Corporate Behavior, strict adherence to and compliance with all relevant laws and regulations, commercial practices, and social ethics is the fundamental principle underlying the Yahoo Japan Group’s business activities. Accordingly, we constantly strive to strengthen our compliance system and enhance awareness of compliance-related issues.

In order to promptly handle such risks, the Yahoo! JAPAN has adopted an approach to risk management that prioritizes identifying and eliminating risk factors but also includes detailed contingency plans in case risks actually materialize. Risk-related information is disclosed together with our financial and business results on a quarterly basis.

Since its founding, Yahoo! JAPAN has committed itself to increasing customer satisfaction. To that end, we have created a help page that is updated to reflect concerns raised by customers and have implemented a variety of other service initiatives, including e-mail and chat support, fraud checks, and website monitoring.

Diversity at Yahoo! JAPAN represents our core human resource concept of “unleashing the talents and passions” of all employees. We offer equal opportunities to employees with ambitions for growth to gain a wealth of experience and evolve regardless of differences in life stage or personal attributes.

Yahoo! JAPAN works to reduce environmental impact of business activities and at the same time promote initiatives to address climate change issues in our business.

Contributing to regional communities is something we value at all our offices (Kioicho in Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Hokkaido, Fukuoka, and Hakata offices; Ishinomaki and Hakuba bases; and Hachinohe, Kochi, Kitakyushu, and Oita centers).