UPDATE JAPAN MESSAGEUPDATE JAPAN: Our new vision for the next 20 years

As a problem-solving engine, Yahoo Japan Corporation (“Yahoo! JAPAN”) is dedicated to the mission of solving the problems of the people and society by leveraging the power of information technologies. UPDATE JAPAN,
our new guiding vision, expresses our intention to “update” Japanese society.
We will UPDATE JAPAN by using information technology to propel society and enhance the lives of the public. We will continue to UPDATE JAPAN as we work to provide solutions to individual and social problems to strengthen our position as a truly indispensable company to Japanese society, not only for the next 20 years, but also for the next 100.

Four UPDATEs for a brighter future

Although Yahoo! JAPAN alone is unable to solve each and every problem facing Japanese society, we hereby declare our commitment to take on this challenge as we pursue our goal of updating Japanese society. To that end, we have formulated Four UPDATEs that lay out broad focus areas where we are committed to finding solutions to pressing social issues.

  1. Promote an IT Society

    We promote a society where information technology (IT) is deployed with the goal of benefiting all members of society and solidly contributing to social progress.

  2. Support Disaster Relief and Social Problem-Solving Efforts

    In addition to independently carrying out disaster relief initiatives, Yahoo! JAPAN supports the activities of nonprofit organizations (NPOs) and other entities dedicated to solving social problems.

  3. Foster Diversity

    We aim to foster a society that values diversity, where persons of various backgrounds and worldviews equally participate, harmoniously coexist, and fully respect each other's individuality.

  4. Work toward a Sustainable Society

    We are committed to sustainable development that preserves the environment and society and passes them on intact to the next generation.

By heeding the voices of our valued stakeholders and implementing the Four UPDATEs, we will strive to fulfill our responsibilities to society through our business.

President and Representative Director
President Corporate Officer
Chief Executive Officer Kentaro Kawabe

Picture of President and Representative Director of Yahoo Japan Corporation