UPDATE JAPAN MESSAGEUPDATE JAPAN: Our new vision for the next 20 years

As a problem-solving engine, Yahoo Japan Corporation (“Yahoo! JAPAN”) is dedicated to the mission of solving the problems of the people and society by leveraging the power of information technologies. UPDATE JAPAN,
our new guiding vision, expresses our intention to “update” Japanese society. We will UPDATE JAPAN by using information technology to propel society and enhance the lives of the public. We will continue to UPDATE JAPAN as we work to provide solutions to individual and social problems to strengthen our position as a truly indispensable company to Japanese society, not only for the next 20 years, but also for the next 100.


Four UPDATEs for a brighter future

We hereby declare our commitment to take on the challenge of solving various social issues as a problem-solving pioneer in an effort to UPDATE JAPAN by using information technology to propel society and enhance the lives of the public.
To that end, we have formulated four UPDATEs that lay out our broad focus areas.

  1. Promote an IT society

    We will aim to achieve the sound development of an IT-driven society by carrying out measures such as providing high-quality education via the Internet and developing platforms for industry and technological innovation.

  2. Support disaster relief and social problem-solving efforts

    Disaster relief efforts are indispensable in a disaster-prone country such as Japan. We have carried out reconstruction support activities following the Great East Japan Earthquake, established SEMA (Social Emergency Management Alliance) against future disasters, and provide services such as Yahoo! Disaster Alert for transmitting disaster information.
    We are also making efforts to assist in the rescue of more people through online searches using Yahoo! Search.

  3. Foster diversity

    Our aim is to enable employees to perform to the best of their abilities regardless of differences in experiences, values, life stage, or personal attributes, thereby driving innovation of varied services and businesses. To that end, we provide various work systems and carry out work-style reforms by implementing “Office Anywhere”, a system where work may be done wherever it can reasonably be executed, and free address system in our offices. We also aim to promote health management and establish a safe and secure workplace environment by taking measures to prevent lifestyle-related diseases and overwork, assisting in the balancing of work and childcare, and accommodating members of the LGBT community.

  4. Work toward a sustainable society

    Consideration for the environment is indispensable in business development. In Yahoo! JAPAN, we employ the latest technology as part of our measures against climate change, which include the construction of environmentally friendly next-generation data centers. In addition, we thrive to achieve a sustainable society through our business with measures such as the launch of reU funding, which promotes the reuse of resources in our YAHUOKU! business.

To achieve these four UPDATEs, we will actively work to strengthen corporate governance by such means as establishing internal control systems, enhancing audit functions, and improving business processes, based on the concept of sustainable development goals (SDGs).

Yahoo! JAPAN believes in the possibilities of the Internet, which continues to evolve in unforeseeable and innovative ways and offers us the chance to create the future. We intend to contribute to society through our Internet business by unleashing these possibilities and making company-wide efforts to shape the future.

President and Representative Director
President Corporate Officer
Chief Executive Officer Kentaro Kawabe

Picture of President and Representative Director of Yahoo Japan Corporation